Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create and maintain educational partnerships that will ultimately have a sustainable impact on improving the health and care of children in resource limited regions.

Expanded Program Description:

2281Partners for Pediatric Progress is a program of the UCLA Center for World Health at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.  We improve the health and care of children in some of the poorest regions of the world through a sustained commitment to their communities and caregivers. Our approach is to maintain educational partnerships in which we send volunteer pediatric physicians and nurses to partner sites in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America who will train local healthcare workers. These individuals can in turn train the next generation of doctors and medical professionals, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and building local capacity, thus maximizing the impact of our efforts.

Our partner sites are strictly vetted, based on need and potential for impact by evaluating key health indicators like childhood morbidity and mortality, healthcare infrastructure, and resource limitations. Partners for Pediatric ProgressCurrently, our major partnerships are in Mozambique, a country with over 10 million children and less than 50 pediatricians in the entire nation, and in the Amazon region of Peru, where our partners care for over one million residents in Iquitos and the surrounding jungle communities. As our program grows over the years, we will expand our efforts to make a sustainable impact on even more communities.


Partners for Pediatric Progress also provides invaluable training experience for US medical students and residents in these settings. Such experiences promote more humanism, cultural sensitivity and a greater commitment to working with underserved populations in the US for the next generation of physician leaders.